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AHMI Social Media Program

Social media platforms are great tools that are used to deliver positive messages about your company in a fast and cost-effective manner. This media allows you to increase overall public awareness of your company and engage customers in your brand.

Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook enable you to give current and potential customers a glimpse into your products and services through postings on company news, events, and product pictures. While websites provide the most information about your company, social media allows you to update your customers with that information multiple times a week.

You deliver content to current and potential customers rather than relying on them to check your website. Social media also helps you learn about potential customers, interact with them and answer their questions in a more personal and informal way.

What can AHMI do for you?

  • AHMI can increase public awareness and engagement of your company by setting up any/all social media account(s) of your choosing.
    Once the social media accounts are set up, AHMI can aid in the maintenance of each account by creating graphics and content to post or train your staff to maintain.

Content Creation Examples are:

  • Product Pictures (lumber, facilities, etc)
  • Company Benefits
  • Company History
  • Company Events
  • Employee of the Month


Option 1: AHMI set up and maintain:  $35 per month (minimum six months)

  • establish each account with a password;
  • publish up to 3 posts per week (additional posts at $10 per)

Option 2: AHMI set up and train your staff to maintain: $50 one-time fee to set up and
train (one hour)

  • establish each account with a password;
  • train employee on access to media accounts and help publish the first three posts

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