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Appalachian Hardwood provides high quality hardwood straight from the mountains between Georgia and New York. With over a dozen species and an array of stains to choose from, products made from Appalachian Hardwood become pieces with distinct character and individuality. Unlike other hardwoods, Appalachian Hardwood is renowned for the uniqueness and consistency of its wood grains and color, and the strength of its fibers. Unlike alternatives to wood, Appalachian Hardwood provides generations of value benefits for your health, home, and family, at minimal cost to the environment.

Appalachian Hardwood Manufacturers members are eligible for Certified Appalachian Sustainable and Legal which is a third-party audit of sourcing timber products from the region to meet the standards adopted by the AHMI Board of Trustees.
Verified Legal Appalachian Hardwood Verified Sustainable assures consumers that lumber and products sourced from the region are growing 2.4 times the rate of harvest and mortality combined. This is based on US Forest Service Forest Inventory Analysis.
Verified Legal Appalachian Hardwood companies can prove the Verified Legal status of timber resources through documents signed by landowners, loggers an others in the supply chain.
Timeless quality
Stunning and lasting