Certified Sustainable & Legal

Appalachian Hardwood Manufacturers is excited to introduce the next phase of sustainable and legal marketing for your hardwood products – Certified Appalachian! AHMI completed a survey of Consumer Division members in 2017 and learned that customers are seeking more documentation about the source of products. This new program is third-party audited to certify your company’s sourcing as meeting the standards adopted by the AHMI Board of Trustees.

Certified Appalachian Hardwood Sustainable proves:

  • Company is a member of good standing in AHMI;
  • Products are sourced from the 344-county Appalachian Hardwood Region;
  • US Forest Service Forest Inventory Analysis growth-to-removal ratio exceeds 1 to 1.

Certified Appalachian Hardwood Legal proves:

  • Company is a member of good standing in AHMI;
  • Company is a legal entity in the United States and adheres to the rule of law;
  • Products are legally sourced from the 344-county Appalachian Region with signed evidence from suppliers.

AHMI has contracted with a third-party auditor to certify member companies to these standards and companies can choose to participate in either or both.

AHMI provides you with:

  • Standards for both programs and the audit procedure details;
  • List of Appalachian Hardwood Counties for procurement region;
  • Sample product certificates;
  • Procurement Form for your vendors to complete and give you if a question arises about the origin of logs, lumber or products.


Hear about the benefits of the Certified Appalachian program from our members: 

      * Benefits of Certified Appalachian