AHMI Membership

Appalachian Hardwood Manufacturers, Inc. represents Producers from 12 states and associate members from around the world in Distributor, Consumer, Export, Forestry, and Supplier. Our programs and projects are administered by trustees for the sole purpose of promoting Appalachian hardwoods to wood consumers around the world.

The following is an application for membership. By completing this application, the undersigned agrees that all information is factual and that the application will be reviewed by the AHMI Board of Trustees before acceptance.

Below is the list of AHMI membership divisions:

Producer – Companies operating in the Appalachian region that produce lumber
Distributor – Companies that distribute Appalachian lumber and products, but do not operate a sawmill within the region
Export – Companies that Export Appalachian Lumber (must be Producer or Distributor member)
Forestry – Companies or individuals with Appalachian land ownership, or operating as a consulting forester within the region.
Consumer – Companies that purchase Appalachian logs, lumber, and products.
Supplier – Companies that provide equipment or services to the industry.