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Species of the Week: Yellow Birch

Our Species of the Week this week is Yellow Birch! American yellow birch is one of a large group of species and is commercially the best of its group grown sustainably with a wide distribution, preferring cool regions with high rainfall. The wood of yellow birch has a distinct difference between the sap which is… Read More »

Species of the Week: Cherry

Species of the Week: Cherry! American cherry is a supreme hardwood species from the U.S. hardwood forests and is unique to North America, with warm colour tones and superb finishing qualities. The heartwood of cherry can vary from rich red to reddish brown and darkens on exposure to light with time. The sapwood is creamy… Read More »

Species of the Week: Red Oak

Species of the Week: Red Oak! American red oak is the dominant species in the U.S. hardwood forests – with distinctive grain, and wood that is not always red in colour. The name comes from the leaf colour in the fall. Red oak may be sold on the basis of ‘northern’, ‘southern’ and ‘Appalachian’. In… Read More »

Species of the Week: Ash

Our Species of the Week this week is Ash! In general ash is a light coloured wood, with sapwood varying from white to yellow and heartwood light to dark brown, sometimes with lighter streaks. The colour difference between the outer light-coloured white sapwood and inner, darker, even brown heartwood is quite distinct. Ash wood is… Read More »

Tariff War

The tariff war between the U.S. and other countries escalated on July 6. The US placed $34B in tariffs on Chinese goods and China retaliated by imposing a similar 25% tariff on 545 US products – including cars, soybeans and lobsters – also worth a total of $34B. Lumber and forest products were not included… Read More »

Species of the Week: Walnut

Our Species of the Week this week is Walnut! American walnut is one of the most sought-after species in markets across the world and is unique to North America. Walnut is considered one of the supreme species for high end furniture, cabinets, doors and interior joinery. It is used for flooring and panelling and it… Read More »

Tariffs and Hardwood Lumber

Tariffs are in the news and industries and politicians review international trade issues. AHMI will have an expert on tariffs from the U.S. Department of Commerce’s International Trade Section at the Summer Conference. Please join us and hear the latest.