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Appalachian Hardwood provides high quality hardwood straight from the mountains between Georgia and New York. With over a dozen species and an array of stains to choose from, products made from Appalachian Hardwood become pieces with distinct character and individuality. Unlike other hardwoods, Appalachian Hardwood is renowned for the uniqueness and consistency of its wood grains and color, and the strength of its fibers.Unlike alternatives to wood, Appalachian Hardwood provides generations of value benefitsfor your health, home, and family, at minimal cost to the environment.

Sustainable & Legal

Verified Sustainable When you purchase products made with Appalachian Hardwood, you’re making a choice for sustainability and environmental consciousness. Our forestry community is committed to maintaining the forests in the Appalachian Region. In fact, just last year, the forestry community planted more than 2.3 billion seedlings in the United States. That’s more than nine new trees for every man, woman and child in America.
Verified Legal AHMI has created the Appalachian Hardwood Verified Sustainable and Legal program, which certifies its members for producing, distributing and manufacturing goods from the region. With this program, AHMI is able to assist members in making decisions that benefit both the environment and individual operations.
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